Wyte Wolf and author Michelle Schaper were destined to make a connection!

Sharing core values and visions for promoting self care, a love for wolves and mutual respect and understanding of their symbolisms, together they’ll motivate you to awaken your own inner wolf

Wyte Wolf as a brand is empowering and supportive Michelle’s words are inspiring and encouraging

By bringing you daily affirmations with a poetic notion this beautiful collaboration lights the way as you embark on your journey to reach for your dreams and achieve your goals

“I found a door to my heart I’d never opened before it led me to some places where I could see my worth I met Self Reflection and her friend Creativity they showed me pictures of my character where I met Integrity She introduced me to her sister kindness and taught me to be true now I’m meeting Authenticity
so I can grow and then teach you.”

Excerpt from the book Firebird by Michelle Schaper

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