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About Us

Wyte Wolf honours the powerful, mystical creature the White Wolf with its many symbolisms that can guide and protect us along each path during our life’s journey;
Wolves are known for their strength, power and loyalty while also having an elegance about them, they can be our strength and guiding source as we navigate our way through the wonders of our journey in this world.
As human beings we are ever evolving and changing into new versions of ourselves with every choice we make each day but in moments when we are lost or trying to find our way through the myriad of shadows, self limiting beliefs and life experiences the white wolf can be our positive omen and symbol of strength.
The colour white represents purification so the white wolf encourages us to purify our environment and can steer us back home to our souls calling so we can truly be in our authentic expression.
The white wolf is the voice that speaks from within and guides us through the darkness to find our own light and reignite the spark of our inner strength and soul purpose.
One main characteristic of the white wolf is its resilience and ability to persevere through difficult times having the power and inner strength to succeed and it is believed we all have the capacity to achieve because we each have our own wolf within guiding us back to our inner light with messages of intuition, wisdom and knowledge.
We are all flowers in the garden of life and we have the power to nurture ourselves and each other to the best of our abilities while nourishing goals and dreams so we can continuously bloom into our authentic hearts. The white wolf helps us find our way back to our true north and gain our authentic power.
Legends and myths about white wolves have been passed on from generation to generation across several cultures where these beautiful creatures are widely regarded as sacred messengers and protectors offering guidance through transformations.